Dedication and Appreciation for Cuellar Family

On Saturday October 18th, 2014, our Habitat affiliate celebrated the completion of our largest home in La Plata County—five bedrooms! Xiomara Cuellar has been an employee of Mercy Regional Medical Center for more than 14 years and finally has a placed to call home, thanks to the generosity of the community she has worked in for much of her life. Without the contributions of labor, construction materials and financial support, we could not have made her dream come true! Over 3,300 volunteer hours were used and over $42,000 of in-kind contributions went into this home. Many individuals have gone beyond in their support of her success story. Please check out our Photo Gallery and our Partner list. Her mentor, Susanna Jones, walked alongside Xiomara as she attended financial literacy and budgeting classes, hammered alongside others on the job site and helped follow-up on tasks leading up to home ownership.

Our newest home is our 39th in La Plata County in our 20 years of affiliation! The home is Energy Star 3version rated and will provide low monthly mortgage payments and low utility costs to sustain her future stability. As a new home owner, Xiomara may continue to gain financial literacy and support through our on going workshops that help provide important reinforcement to her home ownership. Our commitment to La Plata County is reliant on your support 100%! With over 51.5% of employed individuals falling in the Habitat income guidelines, we have a huge need that continues to be unmet. Please help secure affordable home ownership for worthy individuals currently residing in our local community who cannot leap from rental units to home ownership under current economic situations.

Home ownership provides stability for children and provides families with opportunities to live within their means, while becoming active participants in our community. As an affiliate of the international organization we see decent housing as a right for all in all locations of our world. Our affiliate is a grassroots organization which relies on local support for our local builds. Please join us in our mission on this our 20th Anniversary here in La Plata County.Steve Gates Architect


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Watch a video of the dedciation with the Cuellar Family