Gift Planning

Legacy Builders Provide Long-Term Support of our Fund for Humanity

For more than 20 years, HFHLPC has made strides toward the goal of eliminating poverty housing. Legacy Builder members can help further this important work through thoughtful gift planning. To become a member, donors must plan to benefit HFHLPC after their lifetime – whether in the form of a bequest, annuity or other gift planning arrangement. Our Fund for Humanity is the revolving aspect of our model. As mortgage receivables come in they are added to funds for future builds. Legacy Builders can contribute to the fund—a fund that will continue to revolve as the mortgage receivables increase with each title transfer into a deserving family’s hands. Our approach provided for sustainable affordable homeownership in years to come. While a Legacy contribution may build one home, its impact over generations is several additional homes as those mortgage payments come into the fund each year to build additional homes!

Gift planning provides our mission with the greatest endorsement of our work through honoring those we impact and future families that will undoubtedly need housing and a place to call home. HFHLPC would like to recognize and thank those individuals who make plans for HFHLPC through their estate planning.

Donors can enjoy enhanced tax and financial benefits by gift planning that helps future Habitat families realize their dream of home ownership. While some gifts are large, it is not the size of the gift that counts. It is the desire to make a difference and to make an impact through strategic gift planning and legacy partnership.

Favorite Gift Planning options:

Bequest gifts are the most popular type of gift planning options because anything left to HFHLPC reduces the size of a donor’s taxable estate while supporting a great cause. Donors can bequest either a specific sum or bequest a percentage of their estate.

Gifts of appreciated securities, such as stock, bonds or mutual fund shares provides donors with an income tax deduction for the full value of the gift and can avoid the potential tax on the capital gains. For information about transferring securities, please call the Administrative office at 970-382-2215.

Gifts of life insurance provide a donor with the opportunity to name HFHLPC as a beneficiary or name HFHLPC as the policy owner. If a donor chooses to name HFHLPC as the beneficiary, the donor retains ownership of the policy and has access to its cash value, but also avoids future federal estate taxes upon their passing. When naming a charity as the policy owner a donor may be able to claim an income tax deduction. ( Please speak to your accountant and estate planner before making any decisions! We are not experts in this area and laws change frequently!)

Retirement plan assets (IRAs, Pensions or Profit Sharing Plans) are often subject to the highest combined income and estate taxes. Gifts of retirement plan assets may allow a donor to make a legacy gift while passing more tax-favored assets to family members.

Life income gifts include charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts and charitable lead trusts. All three of these gift options provide fixed income or annuity option payments for donors or beneficiaries while providing opportunities to avoid or minimize capital gains taxes when using appreciated stocks as funding sources. Legacy gifts are the gifts that keep on giving.

No matter how large or small, legacy gifts are meaningful, because they provide long-term support and solutions for the growing affordable housing crisis in our community. For questions about donations, contact [email protected].