Homeowner Stories

Ellis Family

“Since my mother and I moved into our Habitat home in Durango almost 9 years ago, our life together has improved and developed in so many wonderful ways. The security and comfort of having our own home has meant so much to our health and happiness. I know that when we lived in an apartment my mom worried constantly about having enough money for rent and all the other expenses of raising a child on your own; Habitat changed that for us. These past four years while I have been studying at Brown University I have known that I don’t need to worry about my mom because she is safe and secure in a home that she loves. For me, our home has been my safe haven as well, the place I know I can always come home to.

There are two things in particular about my experience with Habitat for Humanity which has had the most impact on my life and my success. The first is learning from a young age that people are capable of the most amazing generosity and selflessness, and that the kind of human kindness and compassion which Habitat, its volunteers, and the whole community showed to my mother and myself is far more powerful than the adversity which kept us down for so many years. This organization helped me to understand from early on the potential there is in this world to positively impact the lives of others.   

The second thing which has most impacted me has been to see the strength, resilience, and pride my mother has shown throughout the years. She worked tirelessly and passionately to make our dreams of having our own home come true. She helped others build their homes with great fervor, and when our home was under construction she was underneath every wall raising it towards the sky. My mother taught me that adversity does not come in the way of dreams if you have the strength to overcome any hardship. Habitat has given my mother an amazing gift, the gift of pride in her accomplishments. She is the most amazing woman I know, and I am lucky to have her has the role model who has taught me the most about how to live this life. Habitat was a huge part of that most precious of lessons.”

– Bryn Gonzales-Ellis, Partner Family, 2001

LeDoux Family

It has been an amazing experience of hard work ,love ,kindness, and learning. The kindness of others, the willingness to teach someone new things, is hope when a family has disparity in their life.. The ability to create a new life for our children is evident in Habitat. I remember just praying and sitting their looking at that empty lot. My children, dancing on top of the foundation in the cold winter months, sitting in that little trailer with mittens on after work and school— organizing tools and getting supplies ready for the build. We did not give up even though we were in a tough place. There is a dedication in the families that commit to this endeavor. It has helped me teach my children and myself. It not only creates a home, but character, integrity and a change in self-awareness and the love of community. Hopefully, I can receive the education to find a job where I can help people like this.

– Yvonne LeDoux, Habitat Partner family 2001