Hammers Club

Are you retired looking for an opportunity to serve others on a weekly basis in the summer months? Our Hammers Club is comprised of men and women, skilled and semi-skilled individuals who come together to provide stable, reliable support to the Construction Supervisor. The Hammer Club works between May and October during each year’s build. No skills required…learn as you go! Hammers Club members carpool to the job site from Durango or meet up at the job site. Our first meeting will be in April to present the plans and introduce the Construction Supervisor, please leave contact information with our Volunteer Coordinator to be advised of the meeting time and location.

Already have a group—book club, bible study group—designate one day a week or once a month for your own Hammer Club Team! We don’t expect you every time, but the constancy is a great help to us!

Ready to join us? Email [email protected].