Individual Donations of Cash, Stock or Property

Our model survives through the contributions of donors who commit to our mission alongside our staff. The continued support of individuals provides the grassroots impact in our rural area. While Habitat for Humanity International headquartered in Atlanta and Americus, Georgia provides international support and domestic technical support, our local funding sources secure the funds for each local build.

Did you know?

In 2014, over 51.5% of those employed in La Plata County, fell within our income guidelines set by HUD. Thus, the need for affordable housing is huge and homeownership provides the stability for families to grow. Our relationship with our families is a partnership. As we seek to secure land and funding they commit to educational classes, financial literacy support and sweat equity hours.

A designation directly to your local affiliate—Habitat for Humanity of La Plata County—restricts the donation to projects right here in La Plata County!

As a registered 501(C)(3) non-profit organization, contributions are tax deductible. For every gift made, a formal tax substantiation letter is sent, which can be used as a receipt for tax purposes.

Financial support provides HFHLPC with resources to purchase building materials while providing the donor with an immediate charitable deduction for the amount of the gift.

With more than 60% of Americans owning securities, individuals are making stock gifts, which provide income tax deductions for the full value of the gift while avoiding the potential tax on capital gains. Donors must notify HFHLPC that a gift of securities has been made and request his or her broker perform an electronic transfer. For information about donating securities, please call the Accounting Office at 970.382.2215.

Gifts of real estate assist in our struggle with land acquisition and capital. Outright gifts of property, such as developed or undeveloped land, that is not mortgaged and has appreciated in value. Retained gifts, such as a personal residence or farm, allows a donor to continue using the property for their lifetime while receiving a charitable deduction based on life expectancy and property value. Please speak to your accountant for personal benefits and tax benefits.

Donated cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, RVs and other vehicles are sold and the funds raised help build simple, decent homes in partnership with low-income families. Depending on the condition of the car—safely running vs. scrap metal— our affiliate is interested in handling your donation. Working vehicles, once donated, are sold. Sells value is then used to create appropriate tax documentation of donation. For donation of working vehicles, please call 970.382.2215.

Vehicles not functioning, also impact our mission through our Cars For Homes program which collects the vehicle at no cost to you and provides our local affiliate with additional funds for local development. Vehicle donors receive an acknowledgement letter for their donation that may be used for tax purposes. Vehicle, title and contact information is collected, and upon acceptance of the vehicle, arrangements are made for the vehicle, keys and title to be picked up. For vehicles not functioning, please call Cars for Homes™ call 1.877.277.HFHI (4344).