Local First

Local First—Be A Localist!

Did you know your local La Plata County Habitat is a member of Local First? We are an independent 501 (c)3 with all of our Board members residing in La Plata County and providing independent decision making on the needs of our local community. Since 1994 we have been building affordable low-income homes for current workforce, veterans, persons with disabilities and our aging populations. Our home OWNERS pay a mortgage equivalent to 30% of their monthly income; thus, are able to live within wages that are often not livable wages. Mortgages range from 20-38 years and often are in deed restricted areas to allow for future sales into similar low-income populations. Currently, 56.5% of our wage earners in La Plata County fall within our local Habitat income eligibility requirements. A crisis in our community. As building needs rise for second homes and smaller rental units, we are noticing fewer housing options for families.

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